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LIDAR QA/QC Reports Are Available
Each LIDAR panel belongs to one of fifty-five task areas that cover the land areas of the state of Louisiana. Each task area has a review file and an appendix file which should be used as a reference for any Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) questions regarding the LIDAR data. These files are now available for downloading through the LIDAR downloader. For each individual LIDAR tile, the downloader will display a link for downloading the corresponding task area's QA/QC reports along with the links for downloading the contours, breaklines, DEM, and points for that tile. To go to the LIDAR Downloader, click here.
LIDAR Panels Quartered Yet Again
Deliveries of the LIDAR data to Atlas have traditionally been in quarter quadrangle (3.75-minutes latitude by 3.75-minutes longitude) format. A number of the panels in this last delivery were further subdivided into quarter-quarter quadrangles (1.875-minutes latitude by 1.875-minutes longitude) due to increased point density. In order to continue to use the same name and index as the previous LIDAR panels, all four quarters of this latest subdivision are grouped together into one Winzip archive. In other words, there are now four files that cover the normal 3.75-minute quarter quadrangle, and all four files are packaged together into the same Winzip file.
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