TM 2002 Frequently Asked Questions Sunday, August 24, 2003
What is TM 2002 data?

The TM 2002 collection is Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM) satellite data of the lands and waters of the State of Louisiana acquired in the year 2002. This collection on Atlas consists of images subsetted according to the 1:100,000 USGS index from three seamless, statewide images: a 15 meter panchromatic image, a 25 meter multispectral image, and a 12.5 meter sharpened mosaic that was constructed from fusing bands 7,5 & 3 as red, green, and blue with the panchromatic image.

Who created the TM 2002 images for Louisiana?
The mosaicked satellite images were produced by Dewitt Braud of the LSU Department of Geography and Anthropology under contract to the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality. The images will support on-going research for the LDEQ Non-Point Source Program by providing a more current view of land cover/land use within Louisiana. The images will also support the USGS National Wetlands Research Center (NWRC) in evaluating Louisiana's coastal wetlands.
How can I view the TM 2002 images? Each image is a GeoTIFF image. Any program that can read TIF files can read and display the images. You will also be able to see the TM 2002 data shortly in a raster format online by using Atlas's Rasterviewer by setting its background to one of the TM 2002 selections.
Can the TM 2002 images be used with a GIS? Yes! Any GIS that can display GeoTIF files can display these files. Also, an ESRI world file (.tfw) has been supplied for those applications that do not support GeoTIF but are able to use a world file to place the image correctly on the Earth's surface.
What is the projection of the TM 2002 images? The images are in UTM zone 15 north, North American Datum 1983, ground units of meters.
What are the limits of the usage of the TM 2002 images?
What is the resolution of the images?
The panchromatic images and the fusion images have a resolution of 12.5 meters. The multispectral RGB images have a resolution of 25 meters.

What parts of the state is covered?

The TM 2002 images, in all three forms, cover the entire state. Each seamless, statewide image was subsetted into smaller images for downloading across the web. To see an index of the images, use the following links.

Panchromatic images

RGB 7,5,3 multispectral images

Panchromatic RGB fusion images

Where can I get more information about TM 2002 images?

Each downloadable Winzip archive containing a TM 2002 image also contains metadata in various forms that document the larger state image from which the image was created. To view this metadata and frequently-asked-questions, click on the following links.

for the Panchromatic images: metadata and FAQ

for the RGB 7,5,3 images: metadata and FAQ

for the Panchromatic/RGB 7,5,3 Fusion images: metadata and FAQ

How do I download the images from Atlas?

Use the "Search Atlas" link on the Atlas home page and set the area to "100K USGS Quads." Select a quad from the pulldown box or from the displayed index map. The panchromatic, RGB, and fusion images for that quadrangle will display below the index map.

Click here to view a list of all the Panchromatic images.
Click here to view a list of all the RGB 7,5,3 Multispectral images.
Click here to view a list of all the Panchromatic/RGB 7,5,3 fusion images.