Query Atlas from Your Desktop GIS
Even though Atlas has an easy-to-use interface, I have found some users using their desktop GIS to determine what areas for which they needed data, and then finding the areas a second time on Atlas in order to download data. However, it is possible to use Geomedia and ArcView as interfaces to the Atlas dataserver. With links below, you can download indices displayable with Geomedia and ArcView with embedded URLs. The URLs connect to a page on Atlas that will display currently available data for a selected area. The indices include Parishes (from 1:250,000 scale), 1:24,000 quarter-quads, 1:24,000 quads, 1:100,000 quads, and 1:250,000 quads.
For Geomedia users:
Click here to download a Winzip file containing the indices as feature classes stored in an Access warehouse. Unzip the Access mdb file and make a connection to it inside Geomedia.
Use from a map window Use from a data window
  • Add any of the feature classes to the legend.
  • Double click on any feature of the feature classes.
  • Click on any URL attributes (colored blue) in the displayed property form.
  • Open a "New Data Window" and select a feature class from the connection.
  • Click on any of the URL attributes (colored blue).
Your web browser should open displaying a page from Atlas giving what data is available for the selected feature.
For ArcView users:
Click here to download a Winzip file containing the indices as shapefiles. All the shapefiles are stored with geographic coordinates (decimal degrees in NAD1983 datum). Unzip the files and display them as themes in ArcView.
Use from a view
  • Use the Identify tool to identify a feature. The attributes of the feature will display.
  • Copy one of the URL attributes
  • Paste the URL into a web browser.
There is a way to have ArcView link to URLs in attribute columns. See
for the procedure to do the hot-linking. (Thanks to Hugh Phillips of 3001, Inc., for the link!)