LA GIS 2007 Frequently Asked Questions Sunday, September 14, 2008
What is the Louisiana GIS 2007?

The Louisiana GIS 2007 is a two DVD set that contains over 100 spatial layers of geographic data including a satellite image of Louisiana. It is a continuation and update of the LA GIS CD series released previously. Its name as been changed to reflect that future releases of the LA GIS may be via media other than CD or DVD.

Are there duplicate layers from the previous releases? In order to have the LA GIS 2007 data as a complete set of data, there are data layers that have been previously released and are being re-released without change. Look for a future update of this page indicating the duplicated layers.
From where does the data for the CD and its supplements come? Data on the DVDs are the best publicly available spatial data sources. The DVD is the culmination of many years of data development and assembly by sponsoring agencies, and was developed by Louisiana State University with funding from the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office.
Who are the sponsors?

The organizations listed below collectively contributed data, assistance, support, resources, and funding to the development of this release of the LA GIS series.
State of Louisiana

Federal Universities
What data comes on the DVDs? For a complete list of the data available on the DVD, see lagis2007_data_list.txt
From where can I get the DVDs? The DVDs can be ordered or downloaded from the LAGIC web site at
Can I get the data online? Yes! Use "Search Atlas" and specify "LAGIS2007" as the collection.
Is metadata provided on the DVDs? Yes, fully compliant Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) metadata accompanies each data layer on the DVD and from the web.
Will there be revisions and updates to the data? Yes, just as the LA GIS 2007 is an update of the LA GIS CDs, there will be updates.
In what projection and datum are the data? The vector data on the DVDs are either in geographic latitude/longitude coordinates (decimal degrees), NAD-83 datum, OR Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) zone 15 coordinates (meters), NAD-83 datum. The raster data is in UTM zone 15 coordinates (meters), NAD-83 datum.