Interface News Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Search Atlas Page Updated
The "Search Atlas" page of Atlas has been updated. Data layers can now belong to multiple collections. Also, the previous "themes" feature has been replaced with "framework layers" as designated by the Louisiana Spatial Data Infrastructure, a far better system for categorizing the data layers. Data layers can also belong to multiple framework layers.

Problem with Updated 1:24,000 DRGs Fixed
A problem with the URL for the updated 1:24,000 DRGs has been fixed. This problem prevented the 1:24,000 Downloader from downloading the updated DRG even though the downloader showed the DRG update available.

Breakline Added as Option for LIDAR Downloader
In addition to having buttons available for downloading contours, DEM, raw points, and edited points for LIDAR panels, there is an additional button for downloading breakline data.

LAGISCDV2S2 Added To "Search Atlas" As A Collection
An entry for supplement 2 of the LAGISCD has been added to the list of collections on the "Search Atlas" page.

DOQQ 2004 Augmented For Downloading Both JPG2000 And MrSid Formats
The DOQQ 2004 Download allows the user to download either format for the 2004 DOQQ images.

DOQQ 2004 Downloader Available
A downloader has been provided on Atlas for the downloading of the DOQQ 2004 images. The downloader works like most of the other downloaders.

Java Applet Replaces ActiveX Control
On Monday, April 4, 2005, all of Atlas's downloaders have been converted to use the JMapView Java applet in place of the ActiveX control for viewing the CGM files created by Atlas for all web browsers.