DOQQ 2005 Frequently Asked Questions Monday, November 20, 2006
What is a DOQQ?

The answer to this question and other fundamental questions about DOQQs can be found on the DOQQ help page.


When will the entire state be covered?


What areas of the state are covered?
Unlike the 1998 and 2004 DOQQs, the entire state will NOT be covered. Only the area designated as the Louisiana Coastal Zone is covered. Click on the image for a graphic of the area of coverage. Click to see the area of coverage.
When were these images made? The images were captured from late October 2005 through November 2005.
Who captured the images and how? Photoscience, Inc., captured the images using a Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera (DMC). This camera is a “frame grab” type digital camera.  The images are in color infrared.
In what formats are the 2005 DOQQs stored? At first, the 2005 DOQQs will be available in the MrSid image format. Later, they will be made available also in the JPEG2000 format.
Are the 2005 DOQQ images registered to the earth's surface?


What projection are the 2005 DOQQs images?

The images are registered to the UTM 15 NAD 83 coordinate system with ground units of meters. Even the images that fall within UTM zone 16 have been reregistered to UTM zone 15. The Winzip file willl also contain a corresponding world file with coordinate information.

How can I convert a JPEG2000 file into a TIFF file? Programs such as Adobe Photoshop are able to convert JPEG2000 files.
I need a large number of DOQQs, and downloading the files will take forever! How I can get CDs or DVDs with the DOQQs that I need? We are able to ship the 2005 DOQQs on DVDs for a fee. For more information, see our ordering page.
How can I get the unrectified imagery? To be announced.
Will decompressing a MrSid or JPEG2000 file into a TIF file remove the loss from compression? No, the loss has already occurred. Again, in most cases, the loss is not noticable to the naked eye. Only those people interested in performing detailed data analysis should need the uncompressed files.