Coastwide 2001 Images Frequently Asked Questions Tuesday, November 4, 2003
What is the Coastwide 2001 Imagery?

Color infrared imagery used for analysis and assessment for research need's in coastal Louisiana by the USGS National Wetlands Research Center in Lafayette, Louisiana.


What areas of the state are covered?

Most of Louisiana south of 30 deg 30' north latitude. This parallel runs through Pontchatoula, Baton Rouge, Eunice, and Kinder. Click on the image at the right to view a graphic representing the covered areas in dark green.
How were the images made? Every frame from the three flights were scanned (both 9x9 and 9x18 formats) using a Vexcel Imaging scanner. The images were scanned at 600 dpi as TIFFs and resampled to 300 dpi and stored as jpeg files. Not every frame is included in the distribution of the imagery.
What programs can I use to view the images?

The files are jpg files. Many different programs can display the images. Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigtor, Intergraph Geomedia, and ESRI ArcGIS are some of the programs that can display these files.

How can I convert the JPG file into a TIFF file? Yes, programs such as Adobe Photoshop will allow you to save as a TIF file, but the loss in image quality due to JPG image compression can not be recovered.
Are the images rectified? No.
How do I download the files? Atlas provides two ways to download these files
  • By using a downloader at, you can see an index map of the images. You can locate the images by roll number, frame number, or flight number.
  • By using "Search Atlas" at with the overlap button clicked, any image overlapping the selected will be found.
  • The LACoast web site has an index map at for downloading the images.

    From where are the images being downloaded? The images are not stored on Atlas but on the LACoast web site. Atlas has links to these images when you select a frame from either the downloader or the search page.
    Why doesn't Atlas download a Winzip archive file for these images as it does most other datasets? The images are stored on the LACoast web site as a single JPG image file. Since JPG files are recognized by the web browsers as images to be displayed, clicking on a link will display the actual image instead of allowing the user to download the image file. To download the image file without displaying it, right click on the link and use the "Save Target As..." option. For example, in the Coastwide2001 download, right click on the download button  when it appears for each frame on the left side of the page.
    Is there metadata for the Coastwide 2001 Images? Yes, to view the metadata, click here. This metadata file can also be found on the LACoast web site at