Java Applet for Unix and Mac Users Sunday, November 10, 2002


Until recently, Unix and Mac users of Atlas could not take advantage of the live, clickable map capability of Atlas. The control and plugin that provided this capability only functioned under Windows and then only for IE and Netscape. Now, with a Java applet provided by the Intergraph Corporation, Unix and Mac users can enjoy the tooltips, clickable maps, and other capabilities the Windows users have been enjoying.

Just as with the ActiveX control, the Java applet will download to the users workstation. Atlas will detect what type of operating system and browser the user has and will select either the ActiveX control for Windows IE users or the Java applet for everyone else. If the users security settings allow for the execution of Java applets, the applet will display the maps of the Atlas. The maps will be clickable and will display tooltips as the user moves the mouse around the maps.

Netscape users on Windows: although there is a plugin which was previously available from Atlas, the Java applet seems to be more convenient since it will automatically install. If you prefer to use the plugin for some reason, please email the webmaster.

There are differences between the ActiveX control and the Java applet, but most users will not notice them. If you experience any difficulty with the Java applet, please email the webmaster.